It’s not easy being green!

First of all, thank you for visiting the Trow Mechanical Inc. website, and for checking out our blog. And since you’re here, thanks for considering your options for making your life a little greener. It’s not as easy as the commercials on tv make it out to be, and let’s face it, you don’t slave away at work all day to spend a fortune on a system that simply makes your home greener. These days, investing in your home or business has to both save the world AND your wallet, and you can literally get a University Degree figuring out how to do both.. Therein lies your answer; the age old saying, knowledge is power (literally and figuratively in this case!). After all, we all needed to learn a few things to get those dollars in our wallet to begin with, and the destruction of the earth by way of power and technology was not come by with a kindergarten education. Knowledge got us here, and it will see us through.

I am Shawn Racette, and I formed Trow Mechanical Inc. with the drive and ambition needed to not only install greener systems, but to help our consumers understand why they need them. Any good salesman can sell you a top of the line vehicle, but if you don’t know how to drive it, what’s the point? Anyone who can read the newspaper can understand why it’s important that our generation needs to make some serious changes to save the earth, but when it comes down to how to make that happen in the most complex systems in your property, the mechanics become a little more complicated. That is why we created our website to be a useful source of information, it is the sole reason why I’ll write blogs about how I’ve helped your neighbours, and it is the foundation of the conversation I’ll have with you when I’m in your home showing you how it all comes together. And at the end of the day, I understand that as nobel as it is to want to reduce your carbon footprint and make a cleaner earth for your children, it all comes down to money in and money out.

Now you may ask yourself – can’t I just spend a few hours on the net and talking to the guy next door with the solar pool heater and understand just as much as this Shawn guy? Ask my wife, and then ask your own. She’ll tell you about the many hours driving to the cottage filled with conversations about how to make water flow through a pump at a slower rate so that it can absorb what seems like miniscule BTUs of heat from a solar system, and the huge impact that has on the efficiency of that system. She’ll tell you about the stacks of books, certifications and conversation notes in my office all relating to how one drop of water in a solar evacuated tube can heat an entire home. She’ll also tell you how nice it is to live in a solar heated cottage without having to wear her hat and gloves inside; and that using the power of nature to create comfort in her home doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice fashion. And we can both attest to the benefits of what I call Progressive Installation; adding a few new components to the solar system each year, and managing a budget that doesn’t break the bank account.

You can begin by adding an Economizer and a Smart Thermostat to reduce your utility bills. Then you can add a Solar Wall to heat up a drafty, otherwise expensive to heat finished basement. Follow that with a few panels to heat your pool well into the fall season, and then supplement your furnace heat in the winter. By this time, you’ve saved so much in your utility costs that you can start adding solar panel systems that heat all of your domestic hot water and heat your entire home. Before you know it, you’re off the grid, no longer paying utility bills, and you can buy that new 42” inch tv while you’re wife soaks in that new hot tub you can afford to buy AND maintain. Meanwhile, you can tell all your friends about how much money you saved, and how this amazing new system works while they drop their jaws at how smart this solar system has made you.

Can I personally change your life? No. But I can make it make more sense, help you make more cents, and make it easy being green. Reading my blogs is the first step, and the second is simply picking up the phone.

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